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The Little Sweet Shop

The Little Sweet Shop is a ‘10p mix’ hit!

IMG_1844 Radcliffe market traders, Beth and David Tremayne started their sweet shop 4 years ago when they were looking for a business that would fit around homeschooling their 11 year old son, Josiah.

Having looked at various businesses the couple decided on launching The Little Sweet Shop. “I was inspired to enter into the confectionary business because of a little treasure of a shop that I used to visit as a small girl, called Hill Stores. It still holds lovely memories of 10p mix ups – something we’ve tried to re create in our shop.” said Beth.

Since opening on Radcliffe Market, the couple have built up a loyal customer base who often suggest different types of sweets they’d like.

“We really appreciate our regular visitors and always listen to what they’d like us to stock. We’ve recently introduced ice cream from Fredericks which has been a great hit.” The couple would like to expand further,providing even more variety on the stall and also sell online.

“We’re also excited that we’re about to start selling chocolate from the award winning Slattery Patissier & Chocolatiers.”

The future looks bright for this family business, and although the ‘10p mix’ might cost a little more these days, it’s definitely worth treating yourself!

Radclliffe Market is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.



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