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Ellis Crossley, a young freestyle wrestler from Bury was picked to represent Team GB in an international competition in Estonia after attending a weekl ong training camp at the national wrestling academy in Broughton recently. He was one of six competitors in the GB squad but unfortunately lack of funds meant the trip was cancelled. It was a major disappointment for Ellis to miss out on representing his country and dad Steve is now hoping to get sponsorship to help fund any future trips. “We are looking for local businesses to sponsor Ellis on his international wresting journey he is currently self-funded and receives no financial assistance. “He trains extremely hard and is going to be selected for competitions in the future so it would be great to have backing for him and help him to fulfill his goals.” Sixteen-year-old Ellis from Brandlesholme, also trains in gymnastics and plays for Bury RUFC Under-16s. He started freestyle wrestling four years ago at Sharples Wrestling Club in Bolton, initially to help improve his rugby tackling. He has since gone on to win his third British title – in the 65kg category – before Christmas and the Welsh Open Championship at the start of the year. The Year 11 Tottington High School pupil is currently preparing for his exams but fits in his training around that.

To sponsor Ellis or find out more details about

how to, please contact Steve Crossley 07725576597. 


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