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Skoda Octavia vRS Estate

vRS is the Skoda badge that denotes the Czech firm’s most powerful and capable models.

vRS means performance, and the symbol commands a lot more respect than you might realise. In the Czech Republic, Skoda vRS models are admired for their toughness and performance, and in the UK, they’ve also garnered a real fanbase. Octavia vRS owners often state there’s probably no finer all-rounder on the market at this price point, and they might well have a case. For under £30,000, you get a powerful 2.0-litre 184PS diesel engine mated to a decent automatic gearbox that helps put the power down via the all-wheel drive. It handles nimbly for a larger car too, and is equally at home on a Broad as it is on a motorway chewing up the miles. It’s not often you can say an estate car is handsome, but the Octavia vRS has a smart, modern, unaggressive look to it, despite being one of Skoda’s athletic models. You can notice the influence from Skoda’s owners – Volkswagen – in the styling of its newer models. In the same way that the Golf GTI and R models aren’t too aggressive, the Skoda isn’t either. Of course, Skoda is a very modest brand, so the confident and unassuming styling works well for it. Space is abundant in the Octavia estate; there aren’t many cars you can get for under £30k that can reach 62mph in under eight seconds with a boot the size of a small cavern. There’s also room aplenty for human beings too, with the rear seats more than spacious enough for an adult to sit and relax in over a long journey. Really, if you need more car than this you probably need to consider a van or a minibus. So, the Skoda Octavia vRS is fast, it’s good to drive, it’s safe, and it’s got more space than your attic. At under £30,000, you’ll have serious difficulties finding a better all rounder than this Czech folk hero.


•vRS 4×4 Auto Diesel
• Max speed: 139 mph
• 0-62 mph: 7.7 secs
• Combined mpg: 55.4
• Engine layout: 1968xx four-cylinder
turbo diesel
• Max. power (PS): 184
• CO2: 134g/km

• Price: £29,400

By Tim Barnes-Clay


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