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Sew Sew Su

Sew Sew SuAnother new stall to appear on Bury Market is Sew Sew Su which opened in February.

Owner Susan Riley had previously worked as an office manager in Leeds, travelling from Prestwich each day. It wasn’t until she was involved in a crash on the busy M62 that friends and family advised she should look for a job in nearer home.

Susan said, “I was looking around for jobs and after coming up against companies that were concerned about my age (50!), I came up with the idea to use my skills in sewing and crafting to start a business from home. After 3 months of working from home Sue decided she needed a shop to work from and see customers, so thought that Bury market was an ideal place.

She spoke to other traders and realised there was a call for an alteration service on the market. “I have now been open 3 months and love every minute. Different types of people from all over the country visit Bury market and I have been offering an alteration ‘while you wait’ service.  I even have a changing room!”

Susan will consider any sewing project and adopts the phrase, “If it needs sewing ask Sew!” Susan also sells craft items online, such as decoupage, bottle lamps, personalised aprons & scarfs.

“Please ask to see my scrap book and I’ll also have craft gifts at Christmas!” she added.

Sew Seew Su, Bury Market

Sew Sew Su is located at Wyndham Block A on Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s



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