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Saporito Italian Delicatessen

“The World Famous Bury Market”, has never been more true as this month we look at Saporito Italian Delicatessen & Caffè Bar!

Saporito has a long history dating back to the 1950s. A 23 year old homesteader named Giovanni Tucci left his rustic southern Italian village to come to the UK, and where else but good old Bury? His family including his wife Carmela later joined him as he worked in the local papermills and eventually acquired a small piece of land in the heart of Bury. From his experience gained in his years in Italy, he started to grow and preserve his own vegetables. He would also craft his own meats, cheeses and wines.

The owner of Saporito and member of the Tucci family, Rina Reeves, had previously owned an emporium in the 1980s and decided to return to the industry in 2013 with husband Liam after devoting time to family. Following the loss of Rina’s parents, Giovanni & Carmella, Saparito was born, with Rina & Liam injecting their passion for Italian food passed on to them through their patriarch into the business.

Saporito only source the finest, authentic products and ingredients from as close to their home village in Italy as possible. Their Deli is filled with ingredients to make the perfect Italian dishes in your home. Rina herself says, “Whatever the shape of pasta and whichever salami, meats, cheeses, breads, olives and cakes you desire, you’ll find it at Saporito”.

Their Caffe bar menu is inspired by some of Giovanni and Carmela’s own recipes (you’ll even find sandwiches named in their honor) as well is some classic, British favourites. Rina & Liam offer a friendly service with staff happy to advise the use of ingredients to create your very own Italian Dish!

In Carmela’s own words… Mangia! Mangia!



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