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Prestwich Carnival Chairman, Frank Shatliff is stepping down after taking on the lead role back in 2011. Franks passion and relentless enthusiasm for the Prestwich community has been the driving force that has taken the Carnival from the brink of having no funds, to securing sponsorship and
recruiting a new team of volunteers, to leave the Carnival in a financially stable and healthy position. Frank gave us a short insight into his
seven years at the helm. “I was originally a volunteer on the committee and at the 2011 AGM was asked to take on the Chairman role. It was a daunting task for someone who had never done anything like that before but I thought I’d give it a go.” “There were hardly any funds in the account to start us off, so we just had to get stuck in with what we had and do the essential things. I looked round at what had previously been happening
and started to change things. I didn’t realise, as most people don’t, the huge costs involved in putting together a Carnival parade. We booked five marching bands for our first parade at around £350 each. Toilets, insurance, park cleaning, licences, stage hire and security all had to be paid for!”
“We applied to BMC for community grants, which we received helping to boost our funds. We publicised and advertised for groups to come and join us on our grand parade, the more the merrier to build it up.” “There was no way we could afford some of the prices being quoted for stage acts, so
I approached Abbi Phillips, a musician and student at Salford University. With her help we developed a community stage where a variety of acts could come and showcase them for free.” Stalls, bucket collections and the rent from the fair all brought in decent amounts towards our funds and my first carnival as chair in 2012 was financially successful. We didn’t owe a penny to anyone and we had built the funds up going forward for the
following year.” “There were ups and down things as I went along in the first year. As years went on we managed to build up our reputation with some great sponsor packages from businesses in the town. I can’t thank them enough for their support over the years, the list is so long and
they re so much appreciated.” “It’s been an honour to chair the Carnival for the wonderful people of Prestwich, but it’s only been possible with the support and backing of a good committee, who I would like to thank sincerely. The ones who have stuck with me nearly all the way like the Cowells, Janet Thompson and Harvey Hurwich, leading up to the fantastic team that we now have in place to take things forward.” “Prestwich carnival has reached a new level and is now in a financially stable position to continue staging future events for the fabulous Prestwich community.”



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