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Poetry Corner


By Stephen Webb

Sitting here rocking away on the home
Mind’s thinking all sorts, as my eye’s
Hearing patter on the roof of the heavy
falling rain
Music to lots of lyrical thoughts of a life
lived in vain
Waiting all my life for those moments to
come alive
Drifting along each day simply knowing
they will arrive
Believing there is such a thing as a dream
comes true
I’d all but given up on it really arriving the
day before you
Orienteer cardinal points of compass new
in life’s direction
Fresh beliefs we can do all and share most
we mention
Things that matter to the fore and
disregard all that don’t
Helping each other and when asked not
say, “I won’t!”
I’m just loving and smiling of this pretty
picture in my mind
Tell me that it is not just me of these
thoughts I now find
You are my best friend now and that I
believe and see
Your chair waits on the veranda, so, “Come
rock with me!”



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