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Poetry Corner

Cyber Friends

by Steven P Taylor

Why should I talk to you when I’ve got my phone,
I’d really much rather be alone,
On here I can have a right good moan,
Yes it’s far better being on my own.

So I’d rather spend time alone you bet,
And join the Twitter and Facebook set,
That’s the solitude I want and yet,
I spend the time seeing how many friends I can get.

So are cyber friends any better than real?
They don’t come to your place scrounging a meal,
You can turn them off whenever you feel,
The situation to me seems quite ideal.

But cyber friends for all their might,
Can’t be there to hold me tight,
Reassure me when I get a fright,
Lie beside me all the night.

So perhaps I should try to spend the day,
Interacting with friends at work and play,
Technology has its place but hey,
Maybe why not just once, put my phoneaway.



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