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Poetry Corner


By Stephen Webb
I’ve found an empty picture frame now
lifeless and bare
Can remember many times when I used to
sit and stare
Once held a treasured smile for me within its
gilded frame
Tears drip, in my life you’ll always fondly
exist and remain

Hardly remember precisely when this old
frame was made
So many years ago, my memories not so
good now I’m afraid
I do recall all special occasions when I used
to hold this near
Conversations had between us, “Huh, yes
love, I can still hear!”

You may not be here with me now but you’re
never far away
Always around in thought, still precious
each and every day
For us, as evening falls, all in night I have
your candle burning
Keeps me safe and states of your presence,
I’m often yearning

Time has come right now to get things as
once they were before
I’m going to find some photos for this frame,
it’s time to restore
I’ll find a couple of our special landscape
ones, a portrait of you
And finish off nicely with one to smile at,
“Yes, that’s it, us two!”



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