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Poetry Corner

Hit The Pause Button

By Stephen Webb

Shoes are off, dug in my heels, airing in bare feet
It’s too full on, need to rest, taking a back row seat
Calendar’s mesmerising, diary scribbles are choking
It’s prioritise time, gather thoughts, inner coaching
So amused at times when thinking of the abysmal
Incalculable it maybe, as we become a daredevil
Frivolity can lead us to trivial events done in haste
Then we look back, “Shame, what a darn waste!”
Conscious inner voices are talking, “Hey, listen!”
Smiles coming upon one’s face, now we glisten
Pictures shown in mind, “Wow, a brilliant view”
Make your decisions, not let life make it for you
Spending time’s seconds, always are a timely cost
Normality it is, we all sometimes say, “Feeling lost”
Grab life’s remote control; press the ‘PAUSE’ button
Evaluate and prepare, hit ‘PLAY’, life again has begun



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