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Poetry Corner

Smilin’ At The World

by Stephen Webb

Agreed with myself, “Here’s another any
old kind of day”
Just like any old time that’s passed, life’s
slipping away
Routines, odd events to happen, mind tell
of things to do
Who knows if I get to live it all, whether
I’ll get through?
Same old stories probably be told, as all my
life’s a circle
Going nowhere, think any where’s better,
all so mappable
May dress different on days then out comes
that old t-shirt
Makes me feel comfortable, suppose,
thinkin’ I’m the expert
Will I or anyone ever know my life fully,
so hard to remember?
Won’t be written on pages, continuous pic’s
within a hardcover
Maybe, we’ll get to heaven and find
we’re written in a life bible
Our guardian angel will read it to us,
it all becomes meaningful
Telling you now, I know what will be the
last thing on my mind
Something’s and a few special someone’s
will be left behind
Knowing this I’d better get on it and see
what’s to be unfurled
It’s time to waken up to life folks and begin
“Smilin’at the world!”



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