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Poetry Corner

High Tide

By Steven P Taylor

The ruthless crashing waves are breaking A thousand photos for the taking
Stroll through clouds of salty mist Embrace the taste of nature’s kiss

As winter tides thrash unforgiving Churning with a lust for living
The ocean with its power on course Relentless in its strength and force Irrepressible rage is ever present Ferocious formidable and incessant. To stand and watch to stop and stare Will calmly drench the unaware Scaring daring passing by

The chance to glance when tide is high Dark and deep, fraught with danger This wondrous spectacle of nature

© Steven P. Taylor

Down The Isle

By Stephen Webb

The list is written with room for a few surprises All within budgetary expense, “No one realises” Final look in the mirror, “Yep, we’re ready to go” Should all be very nice, “But, you never know!”

Well here we are, the times up, no turning back All ideas wed, hope nothing anyone should lack On arrival, people smiling, chatter, bells ringing Walking down the aisle, “Yes, you get that feeling”

Confront a person in front, little risky, bit audacious
Saying, “Yes’s, we do’s”, thinking, “Oh my goodness”

Came to an agreement but wonder if this is wanted
Rather lackadaisical, in fact, feeling a little daunted

On the table, flowers, cards, drinks, food and gifts
Such an extravagance “Aren’t people spendthrifts?”

“Maybe next time!” on a next trip to the supermarket
I’ll find one or two more treats to put into the basket



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