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Poetry Corner

Magicians Pantomime

By Stephen Webb

“Come and find your place in paradise”, I was assured
Said a holy magician of false hope to whom I was lured

Hear my words and follow instructions as this is the way
Escape your identity crisis and leave a world in disarray

I’m looking for life purposes, reasons to ‘hop out the sack’
Depraved me he taught, says, “I’m here to watch your back!”

Hands me one commandment with doctrine items in a list
Proudly, Martyr of an Emperor, “Never to be an Extremist!”

Must now conform to this belief which is best for Mankind
Bound with my magicians spell, no trickery found in mind

Him and acquaintances aside, people unhesitatingly affirm
Obey of his teachings, “I’m considered a guilty proven germ”

A segregated progeny of parental multicellular organisms
Whose sexual reproduction got lost amongst human prisms?

Am I an immortal cloning of cells in a germ line conceived?
He’s also transformed my somatic cells, ”So I’ve believed”

I ask of myself of what is to happen with one word, “Why?”
“Helping to find a paradise” was the answer, “Yes, no lie”

As I read through the doctrine list given, just one more time
I’m off to wave a wand of the magician, “It’s not pantomime”



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