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Player Profile: Danny Nardiello



Previous Clubs

Manchester United,
Swansea City, Barnsley,
QPR, Blackpool, Hartlepool,
Oldham, Exeter City,
Rotherham United.



Team you support?

If I had to say it would be Manchester United but I don’t really support any team in particular.

Why a footballer?

My dad was a player and so were my two uncles, so I was following in their foot steps and it was something that I was good at.

Player from the past or present that inspires you the most?

Roberto Baggio; my family are from Italy so my grandad always used to tell me that italian football was the best so I watched a lot of it and he was my favourite player.

Best piece of advice you ever received?

It was from my dad he said ‘Go out and enjoy playing because that’s when you get the best results’.

Best goal you ever scored

My free-kick in the play-off final for Barnsley, it wasn’t the best technically but the most important goal I’ve scored.

It’s the start of the year, what do you want from 2014?

20 goals

Best moment in your career so far

Promotions with both Barnsley and Rotherham.

Favourite team mate

Phil Picken, as we go back a long way.

Most Skillful

Danny Mayor

Most Intelligent

Richard Hinds

Best Trainer

Craig Jones


Reice Charles-Cook

Best Dressed

Nathan Cameron

Worst Dressed

Danny Mayor

Favourite Film

The Godfather

Favourite Food


Favourite Drink

Root Beer

Favourite Music

Rock Music

When you’re looking back on your life what do you hope to see?

A good healthy happy family.



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