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Nearly 30,000 households in Bury have still not returned their details as part of this year’s electoral canvas. In August, Bury Council delivered letters to all households asking residents to confirm the details that appear on the Electoral Register. So far 50,000 properties have replied (65%), but 30,000 have not yet responded. The council has already delivered a reminder letter, which cost in the region of £7,000, and is now required to send a canvasser to all non-responding properties at an additional cost of £17,000. Residents are required by law to register every year and anyone who doesn’t respond can risk being fined up to £1,000. Credit reference companies also use the information from the register of electors to update their records. This means it may be much harder to get credit if you are not on the Electoral Register. The council encourages residents whose details have not changed to confirm the information online by text or by telephone. Pat Jones-Greenhalgh, Electoral Registration Officer for Bury, said: “Please help us by returning your details as soon as possible. It is really quick and easy to reply. If you do not need to make any changes, please let us know via the internet, telephone or text, as this saves the council money and you can reply 24/7.” Bury Council’s local elections will next take place in May 2018. Anyone needing help or further information can call 0161 253 5252.



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