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It’s not unusual to feel a certain level of apprehension or to get a little anxious at times It might be when you are preparing for a special event or exam or when entering into unfamiliar situations, such as a new job.

The thing is we do need a certain amount of stress for us to perform well and do our best. However, when anxious feelings grow to an excessive level and we are unable to deal with them then they can become a problem. If you’re suffering from anxiety, then you know how debilitating it can be. Those anxious feelings can stop you from enjoying your life and they may be limiting you in your career. Perhaps they are stopping you sleeping and relaxing and even causing actual physical symptoms. This may result in anxiety, as if it’s allowed to get out of hand it can affect our immune system.

How does anxiety show up in our lives?
Well it can take different forms, but is very often recognised by feelings of fear and worry about current or future situations, although often these feelings can be triggered by memories of a past event.

Anxiety can cause many or all of the following symptoms: Panic, fear and uneasiness, Sleep problems, Not being able to stay calm and still, Cold, sweaty, numb or tingling hands or feet, Shortness of breath, Heart palpitations, Dry mouth, Nausea, Tense muscles, Dizziness.

What causes anxiety?
Anxiety can arise from many different situations and circumstances, from external factors such as worry about work, study or money, stressful relationships or a traumatic event in our past. Internally, causes can be possible side effects from medication or hormonal changes, during PMT (pre-menstrual tension) or the menopause for example. Anxiety is the main symptom of phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), generalised anxiety, social anxiety disorder, Trichotillomania (literally the pulling out of hair) and panic disorder

How can we deal with anxiety?
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help people with anxiety or depression to relax by reducing anxiety levels quickly. If you suffer from an anxiety-related disorder or are struggling to deal with stress, hypnotherapy may be the way forward.

Hypnotherapy can help relieve the feeling of anxiety and help you feel calm and in control. It can improve your confidence and self-esteem. Restoring those feelings of self-belief can change the way you live.

Sleeping soundly is important in helping to cope with what happens in life. The relaxing sessions help you improve your sleeping pattern so you can get the best out of your sleep.

Hypnosis can enable you to access your true self; the confident you. In a hypnotic state, you can access solutions and allow problems to melt back away. Once you stop focusing on a problem it naturally fades away. Changing your mind changes your life, so don’t delay, begin today.

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