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Hearing Aids

Why Hearing Aids Stop Working

Nine times out of ten, hearing aids do not work because they or the patient’s ear is blocked up with wax. Other reasons why Hearing Aids some time don’t work are; a dead battery, microphones blocked, faulty electronics or a change in your hearing. Sudden changes to your hearing requires an urgent visit to your Doctor.

Top Tips

Wipe the earpiece to your hearing aid down every night and use the brush supplied to brush any wax accumulation on the ear mould or rubber dome that goes in the ear canal in the morning.

Replace the speaker tube if kinked, or for private hearing aids with a filter – check them regularly and replace them at least monthly. Just like any other piece of personal electronics, hearing aids don’t like moisture. Store your hearing aids in a dry place or use a hearing aid dry box. Get your ears checked and cleared if they feel blocked or you have wax on the end the hearing aid mould or dome.

If you have a whistling hearing aid it is usually a sure sign of having too much up wax in your ears. Get your hearing aids and ears checked regularly. The Better Hearing Clinic offers a complementary Hearing Health Check and Hearing Aid cleaning service.




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