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Gelato’s…Delicious ice cream, pies & black peas!

img_2727Bubbly trader Liz Pinder started on Bury market in December 2002 and now runs Gelato’s, which can be found nestled at number 4 Edward Block across from the Bury back pudding stall.

Famous for its delicious ice cream, Gelatos also serves quality food, specialty pies, drinks, and black peas.

Liz told us how she started as a Market Trader. “I am part of the Italian Granelli family and the original Granelli business was started by my great grandfather Louis in 1889.

At the age of 10 I started helping my mother on Saturdays and in school holidays just serving ice creams and taking orders. Initially I had a different career planned for myself but at the age of 16 my father suffered a heart attack and died suddenly so I decided to stay and work in the business for a ‘couple more years’ just to help out… that was 1984, I never left!

I love being part of a family with such a long history and customers often tell me stories of the ‘olden days’ when my grandfather Giovanni used to sell ice cream from a cart pulled by a horse named Prince and the only form of refrigeration was massive blocks of ice!

The biggest influence in my life has to be my mother, Mary. She has sold ice cream all her life and I know it sounds corny but she is not only my mum she is probably my best friend too. She is 85 and used to help me on Bury Market when I first started. She eventually hung up her scoops at the ripe old age of 75 and finally retired, although she is still on hand to encourage and advice me (even when I don’t ask!)

I’m very happy on Bury Market and the future is looking bright. I plan to be around for a good few years and will probably work until I’m 80…just tooutdo my mum!

Gelato’s is located at Edward Block, Stall 4 and open Market days; Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.



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