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Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips for June & July



• Deadhead your roses if they are the repeat-flowering types.
• Pinch out the tips of your fuchsias to encourage more flowers.
• You can still plant out some annuals now—it’s not too late.
• Harvest any early potatoes which are normally ready from 10 weeks from planting.
• Sow some more runner beans to keep the crops full.
• Use blinds in your greenhouse to prevent it from overheating in sunny weather.
• Apply lawn weed killer to prevent rapid weed growth in warmer weather.



• Catch your vegetables at their peak and harvest them regularly.
• Add unused vegetables to your compost.
• Sow more beetroot, carrots, dwarf French beans and lettuces.
• Feed your lawn regularly but raise your mower blades a little during dry weather.
• Remove any fading blooms to prevent your plants going to seed.
• Soak your containers at least once a day in hot, sunny weather.




Plant potatoes—it’s super simple and you’ll be thrilled with the outcome. All you need to do is get a deep barrel or planter. Put some broken crockery or broken up polystyrene for drainage and then add several inches of soil in the bottom. Put three or four old, seeded potatoes into the bottom and cover them with three inches of soil. As the potatoes grow to continue to cover them until you get right to the top of the container. Once the first flowers appear you’re ready to go!


To conserve water make sure that you water the soil around the plant. You can make a little ‘pond’ around them so that the water can really soak in. Thoroughly watering the plants up to 10inches deep can support the plants for up to two weeks, whereas just a brief watering on the top encourages weeds and can lead to surface rooting making the plants more vulnerable.



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