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Create your own herb garden. If you don’t already grow herbs then this is a wonderful addition to your crop – not only do many of them smell divine, they are a great ingredient to many kitchen dishes too. At this time of year choose some evergreen types such as bay, thyme, rosemary and sage and select some pots into which they can grow. Some herbs such as mint have a tendency to try and take over the patch so controlling them in a pot is a good idea for a beginner.


To get a small plot to look beautifully designed, limit the different types of plants you include in your pots and borders. Sticking to just two or three varieties, in complementary colours, but using a good amount of them will look far more stylish than lots of different plants in random formation.


• If you are growing pumpkins ready for Halloween, support the fruit as it grows and raise it up to keep it off the wet ground and away from slugs. You can always cut them early and finish ripening on a sunny windowsill.

• Establish new strawberry plants if you wish to grow these ready for next year.

• Plant your spring bedding such as pansies and wall flowers and water them well to help them establish quickly. Wait until later to do your tulips as they prefer more moist and cool conditions of late autumn.

• Pick early varieties of apples. They are best eaten as soon as they’re ripe. Simply cup the apple in your hand and give it a little twist. If it comes away easily then it’s ready!



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