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Looking after your Autumn garden

Have a Go

Make your own black leaf mould compost. Create a new bin solely for collecting autumn leaves. The leaves will rot down to give you sweet smelling black leaf mould in a year or two. Nothing beats the multipurpose goodness this compost will give your garden. You can add a scoop to your compost bins when you add fresh material; put some into pots when you plant up plugs and seeds and add it directly to your beds.

Top Tip

Saved seeds need to be kept cool, dark and dry over the winter months. Use envelopes or ice cream cartons and store your precious collection in the fridge or somewhere cold to preserve them ready for next year.


• Make sure that any pumpkins are getting plenty of sun now to finish them off for Halloween.
• Scoop up any fallen leaves and add these to your stock of leaf compost.
• Bring inside any pots containing tender plants so that they don’t get killed off by impending frost. Cut off any dead leaves and flowers so they can’t rot.
• Plant up your pots with spring bulbs if you haven’t done this already.
• Prune your climbing roses.
• Finish collecting seeds from the garden ready to sow next year.
• Renovate old lawns with a new turf.


• You can now start to harvest your parsnips after the first frosts when their flavour will have sweetened.
• Tidy up your polytunnel or greenhouse and wash up pots and seed trays before you need them again in the spring.
• Prune pear and apple trees any time from now until February.
• Apply greasebands to the trunks of fruit trees to stop female winter moths climbing the trunks and laying eggs in the branches.
• Aerate your lawn before winter sets in – you can use a garden fork to do this if your lawn and fitness permits!
• Make sure any bird feeders and tables are kept topped up as the weather gets colder.



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