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COUNTDOWN to your moving day!

Taking a few moments to plan for your forthcoming relocation will help to alleviate much of the stress that is usually associated with moving home. Here’s just a few tips from moving experts Robinsons Relocation, to be considered in the weeks before your big moving day.

4 WEEKS TO GO: Have you…

• Completed a change of address form with the Post office to re-route mail
• Informed magazines, book and record clubs of your new address

• Informed water, gas and electricity suppliers to have your services turned off after your departure

• Made arrangements at your new home for utility connections
• Informed schools, churches, clubs, doctors, dentist, optician of your impending move

3 WEEKS TO GO: Have you…

• Disposed of items you don’t need in your new home
• Made arrangements for servicing your appliances
• Contacted carpet cleaners if required
• Started to run down the contents of your freezer

• Transferred insurance to cover fire, theft and personal property at your new home
• Considered attending a car boot sale to dispose of items you don’t need in your new home

2 WEEKS TO GO: Have you…
• Discontinued regular services such as newspapers, window cleaning, etc
• Informed friends and family of your new address

1 WEEK TO GO: Have you…
• Made arrangements to discontinue your telephone service and establish a phone service at your new home
• Used up your frozen food supply or made arrangements to give it away
• Drained fuel from lawnmowers and other garden equipment
• Packed/emptied your loft/sheds

• Found and labelled keys

• Defrosted and thoroughly cleaned the fridge
• Taken down pictures, mirrors, curtains and blinds
• Disconnected your cooker, washing machine and dishwasher and drain water out of them

Just remember to:
• Disconnect light fittings
• Make sure plants are drained of excess water
• Make sure you personally take cash and jewellery with you to your new home
• Turn off all switches before leaving – lock all windows and doors

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