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North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust (NWAS) are launching a new approach to further support individuals who frequently call 999 within the Greater Manchester area.   Supporting individuals who access emergency healthcare at an abnormally high level, could lead to the identification of individuals who are at risk, vulnerable or accessing incorrect healthcare for their needs.  NWAS Frequent Caller team consists of specialist paramedics who support frequent callers by taking a multi-disciplinary team approach, working with other health and social care professionals to help improve the individual’s health and wellbeing.  The Q-Volunteering programme will support and enhance this work. NWAS are seeking to build a team of volunteers, known as ‘Q Volunteers’ to complement the clinical work of the specialist paramedics. Q Volunteers will be given training and ongoing support so that they can give time to the individuals to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in managing their care and improving wellbeing.   This may be through supporting the individual to attend a social group or to understand their health conditions better.

The first round of Q Volunteer recruitment has already begun and a new cohort is sought with a deadline in February 2019 for applications. One prospective volunteer wrote in her application that she was moved by the individual, who called the NWAS multiple times and was featured in the BBC TV programme, Ambulance (Series 4). She wanted to support individuals like this and others through volunteering.

Q Volunteers don’t need specific qualifications but a desire to empower others, empathy and ability to apply professional boundaries are key attributes that NWAS are seeking.  Those interested in volunteering are asked to contact to find out how to apply.


  1. I am a retired person of 67 years of age. I have carried out voluntary work for some years now. Victim Support,Home Start and more recently Beanstalk. I was interested in your advert in the Local Magazine. I think I would be good at supporting people with certain problems, as I am confident with a easy going nature but also caring and intelligent to peoples needs.

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