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A wide range of community groups in Prestwich have won money for their projects following a public vote. They are the latest organisations to receive up to £1,000 each from the council’s Pitch events, which are taking place in all six townships across the borough. The Prestwich Pitch was held at the Maccabi Centre, when groups made their ‘pitch’ to local residents who then voted for their favourite schemes. The successful groups and projects: The FED: Older People Falls Prevention Project. To provide exercise classes to older people who live in Prestwich and the surrounding area. The 45-minute classes will take place weekly in Heathlands Village and involve gentle movement to music with a qualified physiotherapist. CasiCare: Low Impact Exercise and Sports Sessions. To provide a range of physical activities for older people or those with limited movement/injuries to allow them to remain active, enjoy the sports/activities they love, prevent social isolation and improve quality of life. Activities include walking football, rugby and cricket, seated low impact exercise sessions and a walking group. SpeakEasy: Communication Ramps. Helping people with aphasia to develop skills so they can be more engaged with their communities. Carers will benefit from a decreased burden, and volunteers supported to develop skills that can be transferred to helping others. Early Break: Assertive Outreach. Offering brief intervention on the streets to young people around substance use, safety, relationships and emotional wellbeing; and help with referrals to services. Bloco Ashê Bury Community Samba Group: Samba Group. Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the group will deliver samba workshops and activities, where people can have fun and build skills, knowledge and friendships. Mums Wellbeing Group: Minding Mummy. A three-week course preparing expectant mothers to be happy and confident; debunking myths about being a modern mum, preparing them for likely challenges and what to realistically expect in the first few weeks of motherhood. Providing reliable, factual and unbiased resources from professionals within the health community and mothers. Friends of Gardner Mount: Spring Picnic in the Park/Fair. To host a community picnic day to thank people for their work so far, and agree future plans and volunteer action days. The award will fund a range of entertainments and buy tools and equipment for future maintenance tasks. Cherry Trees Play Group: Upgrading Cherry Trees play area. To resurface the water-logged play area with a suitable artificial surface so this can be used by children regardless of the weather. Friends of St. Mary’s Park: Friends of St Mary’s Park Clean Up. To provide equipment, training and promotional support for volunteer/community park clean-ups and to help the council with grass cutting, tree trimming and waste collection. To help support other park groups with their projects, such as Incredible Edible. Prestwich Arts Festival: Prestwich Arts Festival 2018. To help develop a high quality and sustainable arts festival for and by the people of Prestwich. Connecting communities through creative endeavour, providing opportunities for people to get involved, engaging a team of passionate and enthusiastic volunteers, and lifting the lid on hidden local Prestwich talent, all encouraging civic participation and pride in Prestwich. Prestwich Community Association: Clarks Hill Community Christmas. To provide a festive meal for ‘vulnerable’ or ‘socially isolated’ people, including entertainment and presents plus information about other local events and groups that they could go to, and a chance to win a Christmas hamper. Phoenix Centre: The Craft Cafe. For over-50s, a place where they can harness their creativity, renew social networks and reconnect with each other. Offering a safe, social and creative environment with activities such as bottle art, jewellery making, patchwork, sewing and painting. Merrie Melodies: Merrie Melodies singing groups. To set up a new singing group in South Bury for those aged over 55. To provide them with social contact, music and gentle exercise. Councillor Rishi Shori, leader of Bury Council, said: “Our many community groups do a tremendous amount of work to improve their neighbourhoods and the health and wellbeing of residents. These Pitch events are going from strength to strength, giving local people to chance to hear about these groups’ achievements and future plans, and to vote for which projects they feel are most beneficial. It shows real community spirit, and I wish all the applicants the very best in turning their great ideas into reality.” Another round of funding will be available in the new year. You can keep up to date on future Prestwich Engagement events and funding opportunities at . Prestwich will also benefit from a further round of Community Funding through ParkLife, of which there is £22,000 available for community groups – details of which will be released shortly.


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