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Great films at a great price are coming to the Longfield Suite in Prestwich with the creation of a Classic Cinema Club. The initiative is a partnership between Bury Venues and Prestwich Community Cinema, and aims to bring accessible, affordable and eclectic cinema to local people of all ages. The programme starts on 26 October with Alec Guinness favourite “Kind Hearts and Coronets”, and there will be one film a month until July 2018 ranging from “Fiddler on the Roof” to “It’s a Wonderful Life”. The screenings, which are supported and partly funded by Ambition For Ageing, are at 7.45pm and tickets (£4/£2.50 concessions and over-50s) are available at the door. Nigel Devereux, chair of Prestwich Community Cinema, said: “We want to bring people together in a relaxed and informal environment with cinema and film at its heart. Social isolation is particularly hard on older people, which is why we want our Classic Cinema Club to be not just a great night out, but also an opportunity to make new friends and access information about age-friendly things to do in the Prestwich area. “We are delighted that Bury Venues invited us to host the events at the Longfield Suite, which is such a wonderful space and a fantastic central venue.” Prestwich Community Cinema is based at the Carlton Club in Prestwich and will continue to run its regularly month film screenings there


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  1. When are the new dates to be released. So enjoyed our experience at Hobson’s choice.

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