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A City Break in Montreal


A bustling metropolis tucked away in the Quebec province, Montréal is a city that simply jostles with life. Whether it’s the eclectic art museums, tranquil parks or bohemian coffee shops, there are plenty of places to tempt you to visit. One of the liveliest spots in North America – not to mention the second largest city in Canada – Montréal is somewhere where Parisian charisma blends seamlessly with cosmopolitan New York.


A well-trodden route by all types of travellers, Montréal is readily accessible. With an international airport handling close to 600 flights a day, located just 20 minutes away from Downtown Montréal, flying into the city is a breeze. Once you have arrived safely, public transport is the most efficient and affordable way to get around. Comfortable and reliable, the metro connects Downtown Montréal to all major attractions as well as multiple bus stops and train stations. Also, famed for being inordinately bike-friendly, cyclist enthusiasts can enjoy 450 kilometres of bicycle paths in and around the city.


Being so densely packed with attractions, there are countless places to explore in Montréal. If you find yourself on a tight mini break schedule, however, here are a few of our favourite spots in the city.

Old Montreal: With ruins dating back to the 16th century, this area is the oldest part of the city. Today, a vibrant hub of hotels, restaurants and one-of-a-kind boutiques, all encased by a blanket of historic architecture, Old Montréal has plenty to offer in terms of exploration.

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal: Located north of Downtown Montréal and renowned for its quaint architecture, designer stores, and picturesque pedestrianised streets, this trendy yuppie borough brims with cultural allure.

Parc Olympique: A remarkable and yet somewhat controversial attraction, Montréal’s Olympic Park is definitely worth a gander. Built for the 1976 Olympic Games, the statuesque structure remained unfinished until the 1980s despite $1.4 billion being plunged into its construction. Putting a positive spin on the economic crisis, however, today visitors can enjoy a varied selection of exhibitions and activities housed within the expansive quadrilateral.


Jean-Talon Market: For food-lovers and local gourmands, the Jean-Talon Market is a visual and literal feast. Renowned locally as one of the best farmer’s market in Montréal, a trip here is an absolute must.

Eat & Drink

An enticing mix of sophisticated spots and trendy locales, eating and drinking in Montréal is an experience unto its own. A city designed for gastronomes home-grown cooking wafts through the streets, expelling all notions of generic chains. For a slice of local life, head down Boulevard Saint-Laurent – Montréal’s main artery (known as La Main) – to soak up some rich and authentic flavours. Slicing right through the city’s core, the boulevard divides Montréal east to west and houses some of the best places to dine.


For those who like to burn plastic like rubber (by that we mean credit cards, of course), shopping in Montréal is as good as it gets. Head downtown towards Saint Catherine Street to peruse hundreds of local boutiques and designer brands. Running parallel to this prominent shopping street is also Montreal’s ‘Underground City’, known locally as RÉSO. A subterranean stretch of 32km of tunnels, packed full with shopping malls, local businesses and metro stations.


Just like the city itself, accommodation in Montréal is

diverse and eclectic. Most hotels are nestled in Downtown and Old Montréal, allowing travellers easy access to the city. Familiar chains including the Hilton, Marriott, Delta, Fairmont, Holiday Inn and Novotel can be found dotted all around the base of Mont Real Mountain. However, if you are looking for somewhere with added je ne sais quoi, Casa Bianca and Hotel (10) are two great options.





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