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Choosing The Right Summer Holiday

Are you struggling to choose the perfect holiday destination this summer? Carry on reading for some travel inspiration in time for this year’s summer holiday with our Top 5 suggestions.

It’s that time of year where the sun is shining, and it gets you thinking about your next summer holiday. It can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing your next break and that often causes us to be a creature of habit and visit the same location as the years before. With a world full of beautiful places to visit, whether you are looking for a fulfilled family holiday or a luxurious scenic break, Here’s our Top 5 suggestions to give you a little inspiration for your 2018 summer holiday.


Most known for being the biggest of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. Its charm stems from the miles of ice white sand and turquoise sea, perfect for all day lounging on the beach or snorkelling in the hidden clear water coves of the island. Get yourself a bike or hike up the rustic hillsides and experience the stunning views of the lovely olive groves on top of a remote mountain or down to the local villages full of shops and local markets.

2. Budapest

If it’s more of a city break you are after this summer then take a trip to Budapest, Hungary. Its architecture and design alone is enough reason to go with stunning sights such as the Parliament building, Buda Castle, the shoes on the Danube and Hortobágy National Park. However, it’s most famous attraction to experience has to be the Széchenyi Thermal Baths, open since 1913 it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the hot sun on your back as you take a break from the masses of cultural sights. Similarly, if you are looking for a lively atmosphere then dive into the nightlife of the city – Whatever takes your fancy Budapest will meet your needs and at a reasonable price.

3. Greece 

Firstly Athens, the historical city of Europe. It’s valued for its multitude of historical value and fascinating story behind what remains today. Visible from most of the city the marvellous Acropolis is a constant reminder of the incredible heritage and growth of the capital. If you prefer something a little less historical but still equally as enchanting then Santorini might be the place for you. The tiny island is lined with whiter than white stone buildings which wind uphill to breathtaking views in every direction. There’s plenty of delicious places to eat and drink whilst watching the beautiful Sunset – This is a must!

4. Turkey

It’s often hard to find a place to suit the needs of everyone in the family. With research we think Kusadasi, Turkey is the one of the most fun packed and exciting destinations for families. There’s a list a mile long of things to do you can be sure to keep everyone entertained at all times. Whether is a horse trek through the sea, an exhilarating trip to a choice of two water parks: Adaland or Aqua Fantasy, off-road jeep excursions through the National Park or to just simply enjoy the crystal clear beaches. Whether you like adventure, relaxation or fun Kusadasi has something for everyone.

5. French Riveria

If its luxury you want and you are able to stretch your budget a little further this year then the French Riviera is a pretty marvellous choice. There’s plenty of opportunities to experience the opulence within the Riviera’s sister towns, such as Monaco Monte-Carlo where you should pay a visit the famous casino and luxury boutiques, Nice – the most upmarket in terms of surroundings and tourism, or Cannes – the famous city of the stars.



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