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Ellis Crossley, a young freestyle wrestler from Bury was picked to represent Team GB in an international competition in Estonia after attending a weekl ong training camp at the national wrestling academy in Broughton recently. He was one of six competitors in the GB squad but unfortunately

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DON’T FEEL ALONE…TALK TO US THIS MOTHERS DAY Mother’s Day is /can be a very happy day for many, but not everyone is looking forward to it, sons and daughters are buying cards and flowers for their Mum and children are making gifts and cards, but this

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Bury libraries are anxious to make best use of the books and other library resources no longer required by the library service Due to the reduction in libraries following the Library Review they are looking to make best use of the books and other library resources no

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Bury Council is introducing a new virtual permit system to make life easier for those who use parking permits. It means that residents, visitors, businesses and contract permit holders will no longer be issued with a paper permit to display in their vehicle. The new system is

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Local entrepreneur Pav Khan is celebrating a successful 6 year anniversary of trading from his phone repair shop, SK Mobiles, on Market Street in Bury Pav said, “For years, I’d always enjoyed repairing mobile phones and laptops as a hobby at home. When the shop became available

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Residents were recently invited to view regeneration plans for the derelict former East Lancs Paper Mill in Radcliffe. The proposals are to put more than 400 new houses on the brownfield land, together with open space and sports provision. The plans were unveiled on Tuesday (30 Jan)

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Kathy Batt has been appointed the new independent joint chair of Bury Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and Bury Adult Safeguarding Board. She has taken over from Sharon Beattie who has left after two years in the post. Kathy qualified as a social worker in 1982 and worked

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Bury Market took part in an ITV ‘sting’ operation to highlight the dangers to shoppers of internet security. For the Tonight show, a former police officer set up a fake stall on the market to see how careless people can be with their private information on social

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Looking to raise money for your business? Learn all about it at a session held at Bury Library on Monday 26th February. Crowdfunding is an innovative fundraising tool for business start-ups or those in the early stages of growth. It also enables you to engage with a

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Take that first step to getting help and support – that’s the empowering plea to Greater Manchester residents experiencing domestic abuse. The pressure of Christmas and New Year can lead to an increase in domestic abuse incidents, with many people suffering in silence as they try to

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