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Less than a year after opening their business, Kath and Sally-Ann, owners of Bridal 1632, are excited to announce that they will be exhibiting at The National Wedding show at Event City, Manchester on the 9th & 10th March. Sally -Ann told us, “Our designer Ladybird will

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Davenports Group has opened a new branch of their business, at the site of former printers in Badger Street, Bury. There was an official ceremony on 9th January, with the Mayor of Bury, Councillor Jane Black, cutting the ribbon. Business & Development Director, Jason Davenport was thrilled

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A former ‘Miss Bury’ beauty queen has launched a sports marketing company, working alongside businesses to negotiate competitive sponsorships with professional football clubs. Managing Director, Cherrelle Slater worked as a commercial and partnership manager for various football clubs and felt that sponsors had quite often misplaced their

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AJthePA and AJthePM are two new exciting businesses launching in early 2019 and based locally in the Bury area. The businesses are being set up by Andrew Jancey, who lives in Whitefield. Heis setting up two new businesses AJ the PA and AJ the PM, offering Virtual

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In the wake of substantial growth, AST Hampsons Bury Office is relocating to bespoke offices at Waterfold Business Park. The modern, accessible office spans two floors with disabled access and free client parking. It is conveniently situated near to the Village Hotel giving easier access to both

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Order Testosterone Cypionate

Star attraction Bury Market has just received its 1,000th review on the world’s largest travel site TripAdvisor. The award-winning market enjoys a high rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, and has previously been voted the #1 retail attraction in Greater Manchester by contributors to Tripadvisor. The

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Bury based  law firm Woodcocks Haworth and Nuttall Solicitors have made three key appointments as part of its ongoing expansion strategy. Hayley Wharton has qualified as a solicitor, while Louise Thornsby has been awarded a training contract and Andrea Barker promoted to a paralegal. David McCann, who

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A charity that provides sport and social opportunities for young disabled people is building on its success in the annual Bury Sports Awards. Jigsaw (Bury) won the Community Club of the Year award, and represented the borough at the Greater Manchester Sports Awards on Friday 16 November

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Bury Art Society are holding their annual exhibition at Bury Art Museum between the 1st December 2018 and 26th January 2019. The Exhibition is a showcase of the varied and extensive talent of the members. Weekly meetings are held at the Woodbury Centre, Bury College, during term

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Bury Council’s Winter Service Team has been at the ready since November for the winter ahead. The long winter of 2017/18 meant the gritters were out treating the borough’s routes from November 2017 to April 2018, twice as often as the previous year. The Winter Service Team

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Your Local BURY,
5-7 New Road,
M26 1LS

T: 0161 280 2588


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