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C & L Parkinson

Lisa Loves Her Lingerie

C & L Parkinson - Bury Market TraderBURY market trader Lisa Parkinson recalls how she fell in love with selling underwear 30 years ago.

This was after she tied the knot with new husband Colin Parkinson in 1985. Colin’s family had traded in undergarments from the 1970s at outdoor markets and at a wholesaler’s in Middleton.

Following in the family tradition, newly married Colin opened his own stalls on markets at Wigan, Earlstown and AshtoninMakerfield. Initially, Lisa stayed at home to look after their three children but when their youngest daughter turned seven in 1997, she took the plunge and joined Colin at their underwear stall at Oldham indoor market.

Lisa fell instantly in love with the world of lingerie. “I absolutely loved it. I was so busy and when you get such good feedback from people it makes your day,” she said. “It’s great to buy in products and then see them sell.”

A couple of years later, Colin bought an indoor underwear stall at Bury Market but then sold it to Big Jim’s cafe next door so that Lisa could have a stall outside, which meant fewer trading days.

That was back in 2010 and since then Lisa has never looked back with the stall proving ever popular with visitors from all over the country! Thanks to the coaches that regularly visit the market from Scotland to the South East of England, customers arrive to buy Lisa’s range of underwear. Some regular coach trippers even place orders on the phone ahead of their arrival.

The three trading days a week suit Lisa perfectly, as she also practices complementary therapies from her family home. “I really enjoy it, and it’s also an opportunity for people to relax and talk to you about their problems and worries.”

30 years on and Husband Colin now runs a picture framing business across the way from Lisa’s stall. “I have to look at him all day when I am at the market” Lisa laughs.

C & L Parkinson (Underwear)
Location: Margaret Block A
Stall No: 18


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  2. I worked for Colin back in Ashton in makerfield from 1994 to around 2000. Was the best job I ever had, looked after me and I had the best laughs ever. He installed great manners and respect as well as giving me time to grow into the hard working person I am today. Cheers col

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