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Daniel Goes ‘Back To School’ For New Venture!

After 15 years successful trading on the Market selling bags, Daniel Garman is branching out with a new venture named Bury Stationery.

The stall is next door to his bag emporium on Wyndham Block and is fully stocked with all types of stationary, pens, files and general ‘back to school’ essentials – as well as wrapping paper, gift bags, cards and banners.

Daniel said, “I noticed there wasn’t anywhere providing a good range of stationery products on the market, so thought it was a great opportunity to branch out into another stall. We’re delighted with the response so far and our aim is to expand our product range further by listening to what the customers are asking for.”

“Our ‘back to school’ range is already creating lots of interest and we’ve even got a free competition for customers to enter.”

“A lot of our products are also recycled, which people often look for these days.”

So, before the kids go back to school, take a trip to see Daniel at Bury Stationery and get the school bags re-stocked for September!

Bury Stationery is located at 11 Wyndham Block. Open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 7am-5pm.



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