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Beauty With Kiera-Louise

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a makeup artist, you may have asked yourself if you have what it takes. but do you have what it DOESN’T take to become a makeup artist? 

If any of the following situations applies to you, you should definitely not pursue a career in makeup artistry. 

1. You don’t like meeting new people

You cringe at the thought of meeting new people and having to put yourself out there. Makeup artists should be excited about meeting new people. you never know who you may come across that could lead to an important industry connection, a successful business partner or a future client!

2. You’re not approachable 

you’re not very friendly or open-minded and you certainly don’t take criticism very well. you’re the professional and you know it all, so your client’s opinions don’t matter. MUAs have a responsibility to meet their client’s needs. if you’re not approachable and easy to talk

to, this will likely lead to your client feeling uncomfortable, poor reviews and a guarantee you won’t be hearing from them again for some repeat business

3. You’re disorganised 

who needs to be organised, anyway? so what if your makeup products are randomly scattered all over the place, or your business documents are in a complete disarray? as a makeup artist first impressions are key! if your professional space is untidy and disorganises, your clients may take it as an indication of how your skills are too. plus, not having an organised kit can lead to time wasted looking for products and potential set back on your allocated appointment times.

4. You hate to clean 

hygiene is just not your thing. cleaning your brushes every night and sanitising your kit? what a waste of time! you’d rather watch a couple of episodes on Netflix before bed and call it a day. this is the ultimate no-no for makeup artists! clients will put their trust in you that you are using safe and sanitary products and tools. If you cringed at that last paragraph, you’re one step closer to confirming makeup artistry is your calling.

5. You’re not flexible 

you’re not interested in having early morning or late night appointments and definitely don’t want to work on the weekend. you have better things to do at those times like sleeping or partying with your friends.

Makeup artists need to be flexible and prepared to work some odd hours. we’re not saying that you will never be able to sleep in every again or won’t ever get a weekend off, we’re just making sure you’re aware you may have to make some sacrifices. Be prepared and willing to book early morning bridal party appointments or weekend photoshoot sessions. Its all about finding a balance that works well for you.

If you are ready to take your passion for makeup artistry to the next level check out our selection of courses at KLMA Makeup Academy 



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