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By Kelly Shaw

Summer is finally here and if you’re anything like me you’re dreading the panda eyes that can put a dampener on any beach or pool day. We’ve all been there – you step into the water looking like Ursula Andress and step out looking like a panda! Never fear though, summer doesn’t have to be ruined by makeup mishaps. Whether you love chilling by the pool or swimming in the sea, it’s always great to know that your eye makeup will stay put. However, we all know that waterproof mascara just doesn’t cut it, so this month we’re talking about what other options you have such as permanent lash lifts, lash tints and lash extensions.

Lash Lifts are considered to be the most advanced of the lash treatments and involves the straightening of the lashes at the root, which creates a lovely open-eye look. They are fantastic at adding length, volume and lift to your lashes and generally last for up to 6-8 weeks. Your average lash lift involves placing the lashes on silicone shields which pull the lashes up whilst a perming solution is applied to the roots. This essentially straightens and lifts the lashes to give the perfect pre-holiday look. After this, a tint is added which enhances the boldness of the look and ensures that you can do away with constantly applying mascara every day. This way, whatever water you are exposed to you know that you won’t need to worry about your mascara running.

If that sounds a little too much for you then why not ease in gently with an eyelash tint? This is a great introduction to lash services and gives your lashes more depth depending on what colour you choose. This treatment works on all hair colours but really transforms fairer hair giving the eyes more definition, perfect for sunny days and poolside! You won’t get the lift like in the lash lift but it will make your eyes bolder without make-up. An eyebrow tint is also a really good way to maintain that makeup-free look whilst you are out in the sun or near the water. Eyebrows can give incredible shape and definition to the face and great eyebrows can really make a difference to your overall look. A shape and tint is the best way to keep your eyebrows looking perfect on holiday and will enhance the eyes regardless of the weather.

Lastly, lash extensions are always an option if you are looking for an enhancement that will give you a bolder look. Although lash extensions are less natural than their counterparts which use the client’s own lashes, the effects can be amazing. There are many different options available the easiest and most effective being Strip Lashes that can be applied at home. If you want something to last a bit longer and look more natural then semi-permanent lash extensions would be a great option.

This involves applying individual lashes to enhance your own natural lashes. They can add length and volume and typically last up to three weeks giving a full eye-opening result. They are perfect for a natural summer look and mean that you will always have a full and bold set of lashes. With the latest technology giving us amazing new ways to enhance the eyes, there is no need to panic about wearing makeup this summer. The natural look is always a summer favourite and is best achieved with the help of eyelash and eyebrow tints, shaping and extensions.



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