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5 mistakes we all make before doing a makeup course

We’ve all been through regrettable (or shall we say experimental!) phases when it comes to makeup.

If a career as a makeup artist is your goal, there’s no doubt you’ll look back with a grin on your past mistakes after learning proper techniques in a professional makeup course.

So what are the most common makeup Faux-pas that everyone made before makeup school?


1. Choosing the wrong shade of foundation

If makeup is not your forte you may have been honing in on orange skin tones and strong tide lines sweeping the jaw for most of your makeup wearing life.

For a certified makeup artist however, getting your perfect foundation match is second nature.

A makeup course will not only teach you the ins and outs of skin imperfections, you’ll also become familiar with how to properly test foundation colour and spot the undertones in your skin.


2. Not blending thoroughly

Although not immediately noticeable to our younger selves, the inability to blend properly was a seriously embarrassing mistake! Think about it – you may have been confidant that you understood your skin tone and could choose a foundation quickly, but without proper makeup training, you didn’t really know where to begin. This confidence likely led to the purchase of some products that simply didn’t work with your complexion, leaving you with a neck that didn’t match your face (and perhaps some emotional trauma, as well!)

Makeup training focuses strongly on concealing imperfections, so you’ll not only learn the importance of blending, you’ll also be equipped to hide your client’s flaws in the most natural way possible.   

3. Liner, liner everywhere

Liner is associated with one word only for many – STRUGGLE.

Although applying eyeliner may seem simple in theory, it takes a great deal of practice and technique to truly master.

Professional training will help you to understand eye shapes and how to break down your application into steps that are easy to follow and execute.


4. Not changing with the seasons

Just as your closet changes from winter to summer so should your makeup routine. You may not think it’s necessary to use a different moisturizer or lipstick shade during the winter than you do in the summer, but we’ll tell you now – it is absolutely necessary!

Being a professional makeup artist, you’ll be providing advice to clients as well as applying looks that suit their complexion, skin type and colouring. With the proper makeup training, you’ll have an overall understand of fashion seasons, colours and trends as well as seasonal changes affecting.


5. Ignoring expiration dates

Yes, adding new makeup products to your collection is very exciting! But did you know all makeup products have expiration dates?

As much as you love that trusty tube of mascara, it really should be discarded after 3-6 months of use. And with good reason. The brush gets pushed back into the tube after touching your eyelashes and collection various bits of bacteria! As part of your makeup course, you’ll learn sanitary practices that will allow you to provide your makeup clients with the best and safest application possible.




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