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wish you Knew sooner…

Avoid the print with liquid liner

Apply liquid eyeliner by lowering your mirror (handheld is best for this) and looking DOWN into the mirror. That way your eyelid is fully exposed and not folded, meaning you won’t get that crease that so often happens with liquid liner.

Easy as 1,2,3!

An easy trick for applying bronzer: Use bronzer in the shape of the number ‘3’ along the side of your face. With the top of the 3 at your hairline, the bottom at your jawline and the middle part just under your cheekbones. This is the easiest way of thinking of contouring.

Line Em Up!!

Pencil eyeliners should be warmed up before application. Either draw your eyeliner on the back of your hand until the dragging stops or use your hair dryer on it lowest setting for six to seven seconds before applying. The application is a lot easier so you get the look you want on the first try without dragging your eyelid.

Banish the block with brows

Use a brow pencil in just small, light strokes over thinner spots in your eyebrows. This will make your eyebrows look more natural. They’ll otherwise be way too dark and inky if they are completely coloured in. Plus, blend with a brow brush for the most natural look.



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